We offer service on a no-load basis, which means that clients do not pay commission to purchase, redeem or switch between funds. Even traditional load funds are purchased with no commission.

We derive revenue through the embedded trailer commissions (often called “service fees”) paid to dealers from existing management fees on funds. There is a trend in the industry is which moving away from embedded fees to dealers and moving toward fees charged separately at the client level. Regardless of how fees are administered, we strive to ensure that clients are not disadvantaged if there is a transition from one fee structure to another.

All mutual funds have management expenses which are calculated daily into the price of the funds. Higher management expense ratios detract from investor returns. The recommendations we make typically have below average management expense ratios. We try to avoid recommending investments where the managers are paid a bonus at additional cost to investors.

Reducing your costs, all else being equal, enhances your wealth over time.

Please note …

  1. Regulation requires a short-term trading fee on fund redemptions, other than money market, within the first 30 days of purchase. The purpose of this regulation is to discourage a day trading approach to funds which detracts from the best interests of long-term investors.
  2. We try to accommodate investors with existing funds purchased under a deferred sales charge arrangement prior to working with us. In most cases, we try to avoid redemptions until the deferred sales charge expires. We often switch between funds within the same fund family in these circumstances at no charge to the client.

In the following video, we discuss how fees are paid to dealers and our focus on keeping fees low.

Avoiding high management fees and unnecessary costs.