We offer wealth management solutions through a number of established investment firms such as Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, CI, and more. We also work with most major banks and insurance companies.

Solutions are implemented through mutual funds, pooled funds, segregated funds and separately managed accounts.

Through the years, we have learned that all investors are concerned about the same five important issues. These issues are:


Invariably, each investor holds one or two of these issues as most important. Which of these issues are most important to you?

At David Miner & Associates, we address all of these issues to ensure that we offer the highest standard of professional care. We want existing clients to know that they are in a good place. We want potential clients to recognize the value and comfort in moving their investment accounts to us.

Follow the links for brief video comments on risk, return, service, reporting and cost. Each of these topics might easily be a book on its own. If there is further detail that you would like to discuss, please contact us.